ARE YOU HAVING THESE SIGNS? Be careful of signs of aging!

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If you answer YES to at least three items in the list, it is high time that you look into an anti-aging solution! Things will only get worse over time. Even for folks that are not experiencing any of the above (SO JEALOUS OF YOU), it is a good idea to start an anti-aging regime to preserve the current condition of the skin; i.e. stay young forever!

Aging of the skin is caused by a combination of Intrinsic aging and Extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is a natural aging process of the skin in which the collagen loss in the skin is faster than the production rate, this causes the skin to become thinner and less elastin, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. Extrinsic aging, on the other hand, is damages done to the skin by the environment. This includes UV ray from the sun, tobacco use, alcohol use, and air pollution. It causes dark spots to be formed on the surface of the skin and exaggerate the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. All in all, aging of skin cause the skin to appear dull due to the roughness and uneven tone, which will worsen to the formation of wrinkles.

In all anti-aging regime, there is a need to focus on fixing both Instrinic and Extrinsic aging. Ensuring that you always put on sunscreen before you leave home (reapplying when needed) is a great and simple way to start your anti-aging regime.

For a quick and convenient solution to fix Instrinic aging, you can come down to OGOKCHA and enjoy a cup of T.F.T. (to boost collagen production) and a Black bean tea (to serve as an internal sunscreen against harmful free radicals).

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