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Rice tea has been consumed by Northern Asian (Korean/Japanese/Chinese) for several generations, though they tend to come in various forms and preparation methods. Some go through a roasting process, some goes through a fermentation process; regardless of the format rice tea is being prepared, rice tea is still a nutritious drink that is great for the skin and body. At OGOKCHA, we have chosen to provide rice tea in its more original format (No additional processing) so as to bring out the natural sweetness of the rice in the drink. 

Rice drink contains mixed chain carbohydrate that allows the body to better absorb and provide energy over a longer period of time. Based on a clinical study done in US, rice drink hydrates the body better than electrolyte drinks and IV; say NO to chemical based, sugar-based energy drink. For folks that have feel that you are looking yellowish and dull, it may be a sign that you have a weak digestive system. Rice drink helps to nourish the spleen and stomach. By strengthening the spleen, the yellowish complexion will be gone over a period of time.

At OGOKCHA, we believe to give the best to our consumer. As such, we have chosen to use black rice as the main ingredient in our rice tea. Beyond the benefits that we get off rice, black rice gives additional benefits to the skin which is not present in other rice (e.g. brown rice, red rice). Based on research done by Ajun university, Korea, black rice is effective in protecting the skin against inflammations. Black rice bran inhibits the release of histamine, a chemical that triggers inflammation. It alleviates allergic dermatitis symptoms (Eczema) such as swelling and allergy. It helps to reduce skin inflammation by almost 32%!
Being black food, black rice also contains a high level of anthocyanin. The most important accelerator of skin aging is UV radiation exposure. Anthocyanin serves as a natural internal sunblock, protecting the skin from the harmful rays from the sun.

Black rice is known as the Emperor’s rice/Forbidden rice because it was once reserved only for the Chinese emperor, the general public is forbidden to consume the rice. It is believed that rice helps to improve the health and longevity of the emperor! Beyond giving the best rice out that, we are also giving black rice that is certified USDA organic, ensuring the quality of the rice we served.

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