MALE AND FEMALE SKIN DIFFERENCES. Are we build the same way?

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Have you wondered why male and female skin feel and look so different?
Due to the hormones differences, the skin for female and male are structured rather differently, giving each a different set of challenges when it comes to skin health.
Men skin tends to be 30% thicker and contains 22% more collagen due to a high level of testosterone; making it more dense, elastic and retains moisture for a longer period of time. Women skin, however, tends to be thinner and thus more prone to external influences, like temperature changes, sunlight and injuries. Women skin also contain fewer blood vessels and melanin, thus looking fairer than men skin
Thanks again to testosterone, Men skin age much slower and later than women, keeping in tone for a longer period of time. However, if wrinkles develop, they tend to be deeper and more pronounced, this makes correct them severely more difficult. Women skin, however, age faster and tend to develop shallower wrinkles. The good news is that they are much easier to correct.
Women skin have a high pH level of 5.7 vs. 5.4 in men skin, making it less vulnerable to bacteria.
Men skin tends to have more hair follicles and sebaceous glands than women skin. This cause men skin to have a higher tendency to be oily skin type and more prone to enlarged pores, blackheads, acne. Women skin, however, tends to be dry due to the presence of less sebaceous glands, making it easier to peel and more sensitive to external influences and moisture loss.

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