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Have your dose of KPop already? Come try OGOKCHA Misugaru and experience the Korean food culture first hand. Taste the super drink that give the OPPAs and KPop actress their flawless skin. Misugaru is a traditional super drink in Korea dating back to Joseon dynasty, AD 1392. Many popular Korean dramas are inspired by this period of history; the popular drama “Jewel in the Palace” is from this era.

Misugaru is a popular summer drink in Korea, not only because it quenches thirst but it is jampacked with vitamins and minerals. It contains all essential minerals and 7 out of the 11 essential vitamins (sometimes in life, you can’t get 100% for everything). Basically, one drink will help to start/end your day right. Given the high concentration of natural nutrients, Misugaru helps to detoxify and improves exhausted skin; giving you the Korean glowing look.

For folks that are following Kpop star diet plan, Misugaru is basically the dinner plan for Kpop star IU. Misugaru is a 100% natural source of protein, fibers, vitamins, and minerals; making it an ideal meal replacement drink. Great for folks looking to slim down or need a quick meal.

We source our Misugaru from Korea, bringing you the most authentic taste. Our supplier is certified HACCP; great taste with great quality control. All the grains are grinded to powdery formats to promote fast absorption from your guts to the rest of your body, and of course to the biggest organ of the body, the SKIN.

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