NUTRIENTS FROM REAL FOOD VS. SYNTHETIC. Understand the power of real food.

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Have you ever wonder why your supplements tend to provide you with a significantly higher level of minerals/vitamins that you need as a daily dose? Vitamin C supplement, for instance, comes in 500-1000mg when you need only 65-90mg a day; more than 10 times overdose!

This is due to a term known as bioavailability. Almost all the supplements in the markets are synthetically made in the lab, it is not sourced from any natural ingredients, imagine scientists putting different components together and "magically" the vitamins are created. Most companies use synthetic vitamins because it is super LOW COST and can last for a long period of time.

However, the main problem with synthetic products is that the body doesn't recognize them! If the body can't recognize them, it is not taken into the body. Our body, being part of nature, can only naturally absorb nutrients from real and natural sources. It typically is very bad at absorbing synthetic sources (this is also true for drugs). Therefore, in order to trick the body to absorb at least part of the nutrients, most supplements go down the path to overdose. Basically, the logic is to feed the body with excess and some will sneak through the detection and get absorbed by the body.

The BIGGEST downside is that the kidneys will need to work harder to push out the excess, adding unnecessary stress on the body. Therefore, go for nature and real source whenever possible, it is MUCH better for your body and health.

At OGOKCHA, we only provide real and natural food. Our fresh lemon drinks give you almost 40% of your daily requirement of vitamin C in the most natural form. Give your kidney a break today, go for a natural boost of vitamins.

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