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The nutrient from the food you eat, provide the foundation of the structure and function, of every cell in your body, from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. You may not feel it, but your system constantly repairing and rebuilding your body. So each and every day, your body is busy making new cells to replace those died.

What you put into your system will become part of you. Always consume good food. If you start eating good food, you will have good skin. Good skin starts with healthy drinks.

Just some simple adjustments to your diet can make a big difference!

Some best anti-aging food to keep you looking young and your skin at its finest

1. Avocado - contains LUTEIN, protects eye health and preserves healthy and youthful looking skin and hair. Healthy Fats in avocado are also beneficial for improving your skin’s elasticity, vital for maintaining good moisture levels in the epidermal layer of your skin that make it glow and look healthy.
2. Tremella Fuciformis (White Fungus) - Rich source of collagen, keeping skin young. Studies show collagen content is higher than bird’s nest which cost about 50x more. Tremella has been used by royalty in Korea for centuries to maintain youthful looking skin.
3. Sweet Potato - contains Carotenoids, known for blocking the effects of environmental toxins like pollution and UV light damage to the skin.
4. Beetroot - Rich in vitamins and minerals. Beets stimulate the production of Folate and repair cells which helps prevent premature aging. High levels of floats and antioxidants reduce the skin wrinkles by 60%. Get younger looking skin with the natural collagen drink to boost the production of collagen in your body.

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