Benefits of Job's Tear

Job's Tear Tea Gives Whitening Effect

Job's Tear tea is a fascinating drink with numerous benefits.

  1. It contains nicotine acid which helps in preventing melanosome (Things that make the skin dark) from spreading in the skin. This helps to whiten the skin over time and leave it with a glow.
  2. Job’s Tear contains a high level of dietary fiber, it has almost 2x of fiber compared with brown rice. This help to promote healthy gut health. A healthy gut will translate to better skin as the toxin is not trapped in the body
  3. With a high-level Barley Polysaccharides, it helps to reduce blood sugar in the body and improve immunity
  4. For folks that have a high level of water retention, Job’s Tear is definitely a savior. It has great capability to reduce water retention in the body. 

Job’s Tear often gets mixed up with Holland Barley that you can typically get in most eateries in Malaysia. Though Job’s Tear is known as Chinese Barley, the two grains are actually not from the same family. Job’s Tear comes from the family of Coix, while Holland Barley comes from the family of Hordeum. Holland Barley is not a cheaper version of Job’s Tears, they are basically different things. Most Holland Barley you can get from the market are polished, thus they really have minimal nutrition value other than starch. ONLY JOB’S TEAR TEA GIVE WHITENING EFFECT!

In order to bring out the best flavor and texture, at OGOKCHA we soaked and freeze the Job’s Tears. Every Job’s Tear Tea that we served at OGOKCHA is a result of 6 hours of preparation and cooking.

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