Benefits of Tremella Fuciformis Tea (T.F.T.)


Tremella Fuciformis has many names, like Snow Fungus, White fungus, Silver Ear, White Jelly mushroom. But one thing that everyone agreed on is its amazing properties for the skin. It’s beauty properties have been recorded and treasured by Asia ancient beauty since 2000+ years ago. In the Tang dynasty, Yang Guifei, one of the four Chinese ancient beauty, consumed Tremella Fuciformis on a daily basis giving her youthful and radiant skin throughout her life.

With modern science and a better understanding of nutrition, numerous researches have been done on Tremella Fuciformis to get a better understanding of its secret. Normally when we talked about collagen consumption, we will only focus on animal-sourced collagen (e.g. fish, bird nest, beef). These collagens are normally made up of proteins, which will be broken down to amino acids before recombining to form collagen beneath the skin.

Though collagen is known to be only found in animals, Tremella Fuciformis polysaccharides work on reducing the rate of collagen loss in the skin while stimulating the cells to produce more collagen. Basically, it is getting the body to repair itself rather than giving it replacements (collagens supplement). This is truly a vegetarian collagen option.

Beyond the collagen boosting effect, Tremella polysaccharides also help to inhibits the growth of MMP2, MMP-9, and Tyrosine. All of these sound like big names, but all you need to know is that these are particles that make your skin darker. By restricting the growth/spread of these particles, it helps to keep the skin clear and white; this is what makes T.F.T. a whitening drink as well.

On an internal health piece, T.F.T. is effective in the reduction of blood sugar, cholesterol and improving the health of blood vessel walls. It is also effective in combating against several of the bad bacteria in the guts (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella), keeping the guts healthy!

At OGOKCHA, we insist to give only the best to the consumers, thus we have worked with Malaysia farmers to source Fresh Tremella Fuciformis locally. This ensures that we can extract the best nutrients into each of the T.F.T. that we served. It also gives our consumers the comfort that our drinks WILL NEVER contain the harmful chemicals that are normally used to bleach and dry Tremella Fuciformis.

It is often mentioned that Tremella Fuciformis is a poor man bird nest, giving similar properties as Birdnest. However, based on studies conducted in Taiwan, Tremella Fuciformis is even BETTER than Bird nest in term of nutritional value and its benefits to the skin and body. Be Smart, Drink OGOKCHA T.F.T.!

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