YOGURT Boost Your Immune System

How Yogurt Boost Your Immune System?


Coronavirus: Hong Kong’s Chinese University researchers claim boosting body’s guts bacteria boost Covid-19 immunity.

‘Good bacteria are supposed to help with immunity, so we think the missing bacteria make [patients] more susceptible to infection,’ researcher says

Researchers at a Hong Kong university examining recovered patients who still had an imbalance in the make-up of microbes in their intestines.  have developed a supplement designed to help increase good gut bacteria, something that helps boost Covid-19 immunity, 

The team from Chinese University examining infected patients and finding the seriousness of their illness correlated to how well or poorly the bacteria in their gut was balanced.

“Our research is the first and only in the world to look at Covid-19 patients gut bacteria, and we found they are actually missing good bacteria, which healthy people are supposed to have,” said Professor Ng Siew-chien, associate director of the Centre for Gut Microbiota Research at Chinese University.

“The good bacteria are supposed to help with immunity, so we think the missing bacteria make them more susceptible to infection,” she said.

Humans have about 100 trillion bacteria, good and bad, living in their intestines, collectively known as gut flora or gut microbiota. Differences in individuals depend on a variety of factors including where they live, genetics, diet and age, but certain bacteria strains found in all healthy individuals regulate the digestive system and act as a barrier against intestinal infections.

Because the system is so complex, the combination of all the different types of bacteria can be seen as a separate organ in the body, said Professor Paul Chan Kay-sheung, chairman of Chinese University’s Department of Microbiology.

“We also know that gut flora help prevent other diseases, such as influenza or e-coli, so we decided to study the connection between gut bacteria and the coronavirus,” he said.

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