Ogokcha Drinks

Grains, Beans, Nuts, Flowers. With no artificial, no weird ingredients that we cannot even pronounce.

OGOKCHA basically stand for five grains tea, which resonates with our desire to keep our drinks in its most original form.

It’s how we’ve created our drinks. Keeping everything inside them REAL. Nothing goes in there without us knowing what it is. We believe nature gives us every nutrient that we need to nourish our skin. We believe in selecting the best ingredients from the region; importing several of our key ingredients to ensure the best quality of our drinks.

We are crazy about perfecting every aspect of the drink we provide. Thus we choose QUALITY > PRICE. If an ingredient does not meet our standards, it does not deserve to be on the menu. Period. Take our Chocolate Misugaru Latte. We tried over hundreds of formulations and mix. Improving little by little to get the right taste without forfeiting the nutrients.